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Download the SpiderSpotter App for Android or IOS and help with your observations!

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Spider Size Ruler

Do spiders in cities build their webs differently from spiders in natural habitats? Use the SpiderSpotter Card to help research!
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Spiders are a diverse order! Browse our collection of spider species, which you also can find in the SpiderSpotter App.

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Discover spiders and their webs!

Contribute your spider and web observations in the SpiderSpotter Citizen Science project and help scientists to study spider evolution in the SPIN-CITY project! Take spider pictures and investigate spider colour and webs to discover if spiders adapt to living in the city!  

Spot spiders in the SPOTTERON Citizen Science app

Step 1: Citizen Science App Download


Get the free Citizen Science App on Google Play for Android or in the Apple App Store.
Step 1: Citizen Science App Download


After the start of the app you can register your own user account with just your eMail adress.
Step 1: Citizen Science App Download

Start observing

Start observing! You are automatically logged-in after registering to add your first observation.


Download the App on your smartphone now or open the map in your browser:

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Download the SpiderSpotter Card!

Do you want to help measuring spiders for science? Download the SpiderSpotter Card for self printing at home and hold it in the pictures you take in the SpiderSpotter App. With the measurement reference, we can determine the size of your spider or web observation better. You can also order it at spiderspotter@UGent.be, provide your address and the number of cards you need and we will send them to you!

When holding the SpiderSpotter Card near the spider or a spider's web, please make sure that a ruler and one of the brigthness gradient strips is visible in the picture. You can read more about how to take the pics in our info section!

Download the Spider Spotter StripDownload PDF

Download the Spider Spotter Card

Help to measure the Spiders!

With the new SpiderSpotter Data Analysis Tool, you can actively participate in generating scientific data! The online interface fetches spider observations live from the Citizen Science App and offers a range of tools to measure the size and the average colour of the spiders. Simply access the Data Analysis Tool and log in with your App account!

You can even select an option to just work with your observations from the App and export your measured data if you want to do your own analysis.

Download the Spider Spotter StripAccess Data Analysis Tool

New Spots from the Citizen Science App

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Datum: 14.07.2024 19:38:42

von User: SJLaRochelle
Datum: 14.07.2024 17:07:06

von User: Wren Meadowlark
Datum: 14.07.2024 20:11:37

von User: RobA
Datum: 14.07.2024 18:50:57