Female ©Richard Louvigny

Yellow sac spider

Know more?

The Yellow sac spider is originally a Mediterranean species that is gradually expanding its range towards the north.

Eutichurid spiders (Cheiracanthiidae)


Yellow sac spider/Spiny false wolf spider (Cheiracanthium mildei)

Web: The Yellow sac spider doesn’t construct a web, but catches its prey through active, visual hunting.

Habitat: The Yellow sac spider can be found in a sac-like retreat in a curled up leaf or underneath stones and bark. In Belgium especially close to or in buildings (but recently also in a nature reserve, far removed from buildings.

How to recognize:

  • medium size spider with large jaws
  • abdomen yellow to olive green, with clear cardiac mark. Cephalothorax often more dark coloured, sometimes red
  • yellow legs, with frontpair being the longest.

Looks similar to:

Cheiracanthium virescens: this species lives mainly in heathland and will almost never occur near or in houses. Certain identification only through using a stereomicroscope.


♀: 6-11 mm

♂: 6-9 mm


♀: May till December

♂: May till December