Female with white stripe on the front of the abdomen and yellow palps ©Pierre Oger

Copper sun jumper

Know more?

Jumping spiders have excellent vision. They use it, not only to localize prey, but also to seduce females. The males often have very striking colours and make rhythmic movements during courtship. It actually looks like they are dancing.

Copper sun jumper (Heliophanus cupreus)

Web: Jumping spiders don’t make catching webs, but use their large and well developed eyes to spot their prey from far away, sneak closer and pounce it using their short and powerful legs.

Habitat: on low to medium high vegetation or on the ground. Often on sunny places such as forest edges, but also in gardens. 

How to recognize:

  • small, compact spider
  • ♀: black spider with greenish to copper metallic sheen
  • ♀: abdomen with in front a light coloured band
  • ♀: light yellow palps and light brown legs, finely annulated
  • ♂: completely black with metallic sheen

Looks similar to:

  • other Heliophanus species. The lighter spots are often very variable, making them an unreliable characteristic.


♀: 4-6 mm

♂: 3,5-4mm


♀: May till July

♂: May till July