Dorsal view of female Cross spider with typical cross pattern ©Johan Van Hoecke

Cross orbweaver

Latin name: Araneus diadematus

German name: Gartenkreuzspinne

Web: Large orb web

Habitat: Web is constructed in shrubs, tall grasses, lower part of trees. Often found in the garden and sometimes on windows, fences, etc.

How to recognize:

  • typical light cross figure on the (often disappears towards the end of life)
  • different colors: from light brown / yellowish to dark (red) brown
  • large spider that can often be found in the middle of the web during the day, however, some spiders seem to prefer night time to be in the web.

Looks similar to:

  • The cross on the abdomen is a very accurate and typical feature.


♀: 10-18mm

♂: 4-8mm


♀: June till October

♂: June till September

Know more?

One of our most successful spiders because it can live in variety of habitats and catches prey in a particularly efficient way (can easily overpower wasps).

After hatching, young spiders stay together for a while. This is the time when you can spot the typical ball of spiders. When disturbed, the sphere seems to explode and the young spiders flee in all directions.