Female of Walnut orb weaver ©Arabel beeldbank

Walnut orb weaver

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Preys on moths (and other flying insects) that are attracted by the two light spots on the abdomen. Search tip: Look close to your window at night with your flashlight!

Latin name: Nuctenea umbratica

German name: Spaltenkreuzspinne

Web: large orb web (up to 70 cm) with a large mesh size and not finely finished.

Habitat: hidden during the day under the bark of trees, between cracks and crevices in walls, fences, ... At night, you can find the spider in the middle of the web.

How to recognize:

  • highly flattened shape
  • dark brown to black colour, female with very striking light spots on the underside of the abdomen.
  • clear "pits" on the back of the abdomen (muscle attachment points)

Looks similar to:

  • a dark Grey Cross spider, but this species usually has a clear light mark on the back of the abdomen. The Grey Cross spider almost always lives in the immediate vicinity of water.

Body size:

♀: 11-15 mm

♂: 8-9 mm


♀: throughout the year

♂: May to September