Female with dark figure on abdomen ©Pierre Oger

Linyphia hortensis

 Linyphia hortensis

Web: Sheetweb with ascending threads above the sheet and stabilizing threads underneath. Hangmatweb (thinner and smaller compared tot he European sheetweb spider)

Habitat: Parcs and gardens, often in higher grass, herbs and shrubs. Usually between 30 cm from ground level, ranging up to 2 m. 

How to recognize:

  • glossy abdomen with white edges and dark underside
  • ♀: typical dark drawing on back of the abdomen (not always clearly present)
  • ♂: Drawing on the back is often almost invisible in adult males en reduced to two white spots on the front of the abdomen.

Looks similar to:

  • especially adult males are easily confused with other related species of which males have two white spots (Microlinyphia pusilla and the Herb hammock spider (Neriene clathrata) on the front of the abdomen.


♀: 4-6mm

♂: 3-5mm


♀: May till July

♂: April till June