Female with W-shaped drawings on abdomen. ©Cor Kuijpers

Herb hammock spider

Herb hammock spider (Neriene clathrata)

Web: Relatively thin sheetweb.

Habitat: Many different habitats, such as roadsides, brushwood, parcs and gardens. Most often low to the ground. Adult males can often be found in litter. 

How to recognize:

  • ♀: typical dark drawing on back of abdomen with W-shaped figures. Sides are lob shaped.
  • ♂: back drawing is almost not recognisable in adult males, however, two white spots on the front stand out.

Looks similar to:

  • adult males are easily confused with other related species of which males have two white spots (Microlinyphia pusilla and the Herb hammock spider (Neriene clathrata) on the front of the abdomen. However, the abdomen of the Herb hammock spider has a much more oval shape.
  • sometimes the legs of the Herb hammock spider are also annulated, in which case it can be confused with the Spring hammock spider.


♀: 3,7-5,5 mm

♂: 3,4-4,8 mm


♀: throughout the year

♂: March till June