Tripwires (Segestria bavarica) ©August Verbruggen

Trip wires

This is a simple, primitive web that consists of a silk tube from which various tripping wires extend. These webs are often made in a crevice in the wall or between tree bark. If a prey touches one of the trip wires, the spider quickly shoots out of its hiding place and grabs it. Due to the star-shaped position of the trip wires, the spider immediately knows where the prey is located! This type of web is made by the Six-Eye spiders (Segestriidae), of which the Segestria bavarica is a common species. During the day the spider hides in the tube, but at night it is ready to grab prey. Then you can see the front legs and part of the head sticking out!

• Silk tube
• Trip wires
• Six-eye spiders (Segestriidae)