Dorsal view female ©Michel Vuijlsteke

Triangulate combfoot

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Usually not common.

Triangulate combfoot (Steatoda triangulosa)

Web: 3D web with messy threads and often vertical threads with glue on the lower part towards the substrate (“gum footed threads”). The web sometimes has a matlike appearance.  

Habitat: Mainly in dark places in buildings, contrary to the False black widow also in dry places such as attics. Or in living rooms on the underside of furniture, where you can often find egg sacs.  Regularly also outdoors near solid structures. The spider usually hides in crevices.

How to recognize:

  • lighter triangles almost always present on the backside of the abdomen.
  • legs often ligther coloured and more or less clearly annulated.

Looks similar to:

  • the False black widow spider, but the lighter triangles on the abdomen of the Triangulate combfoot (Steatoda triangulosa) are touching.


♀: 3,5-7mm

♂: 3,5-5mm


♀: throughout the year

♂: June till October