Dorsal view female ©Pierre Oger

Rabbit hutch spider

Rabbit hutch spider (Steatoda bipunctata)

Web: 3D web with messy threads and often vertical threads with glue on the lower part towards the substrate (“gum footed threads”). The web sometimes has a matlike appearance.

Habitat: Mostly close to or in buildings, but also regularly outdoor in hollow trees, away from buildings. The spider often hides in a crevice.

Herkennen aan:

  • glossy, coffeebean like appearance, especially when the spider feigns death after being disturbed and retracts its legs
  • often with light stripe over the middle of the abdomen
  • male with strikingly large pedipalps

Looks similar to:

  • upon close inspection not really to be confused with any other species.


♀: 4,5-7mm

♂: 4-5,5mm


♀: throughout the year

♂: April till November