Female in typical outstretched posture ©Johan Van Hoecke

Silver stretch spider

Know more?

In case of danger, the Silver stretch spider will stretch out along a twig or branch, turning it almost invisible.

Silver stretch spider (Tetragnatha montana)

Web: orb web with open centre (no threads).

Habitat: occurs frequently on shaded banks, but also in bushes of gardens and parcs. Less bound to water compared to the Common stretch spider.

How to recognize:

  • • elongated body with long legs
  • • ♂: extended jaws (chelicerae)
  • • cephalothorax and legs brown (legs often with dark spots)
  • • abdomen yellowish, with a dark grey to greenish branched figure with a golden appearance.

Looks similar to:

  • • the Common stretch spider (Tetragnatha extensa). The underside of the cephalothorax (sternum) of a Silver stretch spider has a uniform colour. The Common stretch spider has a clear, light spot in the middle.


♀: 7-13 mm

♂: 6-8 mm


♀: May till July

♂: May till July