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Common stretch spider

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In case of danger, the Common stretch spider will stretch out along a twig or branch, turning it almost invisible.

Common stretch spider (Tetragnatha extensa)

Web: orb web with open centre (no threads).

Habitat: tall grasses (such as reeds) and low vegetation close to water. op hoge grassen (bijv. riet) en lage vegetatie in de buurt van water. More strongly bound to water than the Silver stretch spider.

How to recognize:

  • elongated body with long legs
  • ♂: extended jaws (chelicerae)
  • cephalothorax and legs brown
  • abdomen yellow to green, with a silver shine and a dark branched figure. Underside with a broad, black stripe.

Looks similar to :

  • Silver stretch spider. The underside of the cephalothorax (sternum) of the Common stretch spider has a clear, light spot in the middle. The sternum of the Silver stretch spider has a uniform colour.


♀: 10-12 mm

♂: 6-9 mm


♀: May till July

♂: May till July